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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  May 2, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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white house a name that you don't hear from a grown up senator. >> this is two years ago, we're still talking about -- >> dude, tgs the thing that everybody is talking about. >> happening right now at the white house, the arrival of german chancellor angela merkel and the focus will be the crisis in ukraine. >> ukraine launched the strongest attack on pro-russian militias and russian forces reported with surface to air missiles. >> the effort to remove donald sterling from the nba is under way. a committee voted unanimously to expedite the process. >> residents forced to evacuate after a street collapsing in baltimore city are told it may be a month beforen they are allowed to return. >> oh, my god! [ screaming ]
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breaking news, german chancellor angela merkel is at the white house for a high stakes meeting with president obama. one focus russia's tightening grip against ukraine. in the last hour the president declared the u.s. and germany united and sent another stern warning to moscow. >> we are united in our determination to impose costs on russia for its actions as ukrainian forces move to restore order in eastern ukraine, it is obvious to the world that these russian-backed groups are not peaceful protesters but heavily armed militants receiving significant support from russia. >> times are also tense with ukrainian army launching the first major assault on separatist strong holds in the
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east of that country. a spokesman for putin called the move a criminal act. nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd, also host of "the daily rundown" joins us. how critical was it for the president to get merkel on board with sanctions? >> reporter: it's interesting, that is a glass is half full way of looking at it. here's what clearly they agree to. they have the next deadline that they've set to decide whether to do another round of sanctions and that is the may 25th election. you heard the president essentially say if russia destabilizing the situation, makes -- tries to mess with this election process, that will trigger -- and he hinted it would be a sectoral section and seemed to hint it would be at least one. i do think you do get the sense that they at least agreed to the next timeline as to when they are going to have this conversation whether to do sectoral. and if they do sectoral, it
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sounds like the president wants to make the sanctions sector at not just another set of individuals, that they would only pick one. there's significance that we all saw the "wall street journal" reporting that german business leaders are begging merkel to get the president to back down on sanctions. she's feeling the pinch in her own politics in her country about any sanctions at all. if he got her to the point of at least having three more weeks and the potential of one sectoral, than that is progress. >> of course, all of this happened under the shadow of a very frayed german relationship in light of the surveillance policies on germany and merkel's own phone. the president took a few questions about that. take a listen. >> angela merkel is one of my closest friends on the world stage. and somebody who whose partnership i deeply value. so it has pained me to see the
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degree to which the snowden disclosures have created strains in the relationship. >> he went on to talk about the reforms planned both for surveillance of u.s. citizens and foreign civilians. do you think those reforms go far enough to be persuasive to the germans right now? >> here's what i keep hearing. people on the administration side swear that merkel is more forgiving in private than she comes across in public. but ronan, the last question from the member of the german press corps asked her, can you echo what president hollande has said that trust has been restored with the president now going forward when it comes to this nsa situation? >> she would not say that and instead said, there are still a few difficulties to overcome. so they would not ask -- invited to say trust had been restored, she would not do that. it shows you that this is still a tough issue for her to
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overcome. >> looks like germans are playing hard ball on that. thank you so much. you can catch chuck's show weekdays at 9:00 a.m. joining me to discuss this further, michael mcfaul, good to see you, sir. let's discuss what's happening in ukraine, a situation you know so well. putin is actually demanding ukrainian troops pull out of parts of they are own country at this point. have we reached a tipping point where we're going to see these sanctions finally? >> i don't know when we'll get to sanctions but today is a big day in terms of escalation of first and foremost violence on the ground. ukrainians launched an offensive to try to free these cities and people have died. two tell kohelicopters were shu and scores according to the ukrainian side of these terrorists as they call them have been killed. and the kremlin has responded at
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least in words and i suspect they are going to respond eventually in deeds. >> he talked about the upcoming imf program. how significant is that for supporting ukraine right now? >> it's vitally important if there's not going to be an escalation of violence in eastern ukraine. ukraine has to get on its feet. the program is the right way to do it but if there's war, if hundreds of people and maybe thousands of people are going to be dying in eastern ukraine, the funds package won't matter at all and won't be able to be implemented. today was a big important turning point. ukrainians decided to try to reassert their sovereignty in eastern ukraine and i suspect the russians are going to respond to that tragically -- >> and clearly president obama is working hard to rally the europeans and this meeting is some evidence of that. you know the world diplomacy intima intimately. how damaged do you think it is?
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>> i'm not an expert on the american/german relationship. other peoples did that when i was in the government. i do know because i've heard him pauk about it many times, president obama deeply values the relationship he has with the chancellor. i've heard him say it many times. and at the end of the day we're united by our interest and values. we have really big challenges right now in ukraine. we're talking about potentially war in europe. that will focus the mind and focus what unites us and get beyond the things in the past that have divided us. >> in some sense maybe the silver lining is we move past the tensions more quickly. thank you, always appreciate having you on the show. developing news from capitol hill, we learned recently that republicans will form a select committee to investigate the 2012 attack on four americans on benghazi. john boehner said, four americans died at the hands of terrorists nearly 20 months ago and we're still missing answers,
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accountability and justice. it's time to change that. and new today, daryl issa subpoenaed john kerry to testify about benghazi. luke russert joins me from capitol hill to talk about all of this. luke, start out with the republican response to this. why are they making this move now? >> it's interesting ronan, for months a lot of republicans in the house called on john boehner to have a select committee regarding benghazi and he has been slow to do that. in an interview with fox news at the earlier part of april he said the reason he hadn't moved on that is because various amount of committees were investigating this and did not want to interfere with those investigations that were ongoing. however recently with the release of new e-mails republicans show administration tried to put the blame on this on a video and not some sort of failure of policy, they say it was a huge mistrust and that's why they are moving forward. the back story is there's three reasons. number one by having a special select committee, the leadership
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can asult control of the investigation regarding benghazi. you had the house arms serviced committee saying oversight was doing it the wrong way with a witness they called and that put the turf wars away. this is something that boehner and other establishment republicans and red meat they can throw to the tea party conservative media crowd obsessed about benghazi, why not going into the midterms all about turning out your base, this is something that helps. lastly though, it plays into this culture that republicans are trying to create around the obama white house, they are deceptive and deceiving and it helps them not talk about other issues and this one thing, hillary clinton, secretary of state during this, why not put mud on hillary clinton's tires ahead of 2016 when a lot of folks feel she'll be the presumptive nominee. >> it does seem it looms large. yes, benghazi is mentioned in passing but it's clear that the
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quotes that these republicans are taking issues with are about the broader range of protest happening in the region which were linked to a video, not a coordinated attack. do you think in light of that these attacks will hold water? >> it's an interesting thing, if you go out throughout the country, ronan, folks who subscribe to the conservative media, they are obsessed with this issue. the general public wake up worried about what happened in benghazi? probably not, probably more concerned about the economy and future holds for their children. when you take into the complicated dynamics that are the house gop and internal politics, you sort of see as to why boehner moved forward on this. i personally do not think this is going to be the end all, be all issue of the 2014 midterms, americans care a lot more about other things. nancy pelosi said this is a subterfuge. all of that being said, the more you talk about benghazi, the less you have to talk about
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anything else. they feel in the house republican conference they are on strong footing here no matter what the administration has said regarding the fact that there is all of those protests around the world. >> we'll see if that comes to pass. luke russert, appreciate you're coming on the show. >> take care, be well. >> big news today on sexual assaults on campus. you're going to be shocked at how large the number is of colleges that are under investigation by our government for this. and we're going to talk to a harvard professor fighting back in a way you'll want to hear about. stay with us. okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you. i got this. oh, no, i'll get it! let me get it. uh-uh-uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-905-6500 now. here we go! hold on man. is that a leak up there? that's a drip. whoo. okay.
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we're back with a truly startling epidemic, sexual assault on college campuses xsz on thursday the education department revealed 55 colleges under investigation for the way they handle allegations of
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sexual abuse. schools from 26 states and washington, d.c. are on the list which includes prestigious universities like harvard and princeton and university of chicago and state schools like michigan and ohio. there's zero presumption of guilt but the numbers are alarming. one in five women has been sexually assaulted at college but only 12% of student victims report the assault. >> i would want to share what it's like when your dad answers the phone and you have to find a way to tell him that the one thing he never wanted to happen to his little girl had happened. >> this week the white house released new guidelines to combat sexual assault on campus. >> no man has a right ever to raise his hand to a woman, period, end of story. it is assault if they do. >> joining me now from boston is
10:16 am
kimberly tigooiden in a lawsuit she claims harvard is punishing her for speaking on on her behalf about that school. doctor, explain what's happened at harvard that prompted you to speak out to publicly? >> last spring, in a leadup to sexual assault awareness month, there was an article about campus sexual assault. a new a number of young women interviewed for the article. they were anonymous but not anonymous to me, they were my students. very quickly the comment thread was taken over with hateful comments aimed at blaming and shaming them both for what had happened and speaking about it. one student came to me, kimberly my friends feel triply violated, first by the rape and how harvard treated them and attacks
10:17 am
on them in the press. i knew there was the right thing to do and i began commenting on their behalf. to my knowledge i was the only professor who did so. i still don't understand that. and very quickly the attack turned on me. >> explain that. why do you think you were punished? >> in this instance i'm talking about the attack of the people in the comment thread who began saying all sorts of horrible things about me as well. the following month, one afternoon a student came into my office and closed the door and began to cry as she told me what her experience had been like with gender based harassment on that campus. and to hear her pain and understand that each year of her graduate studies had been marred about that kind of ongoing harassment was unacceptable. i encouraged her to speak out and seek assistance for that. shortly there after she wrote back to let me know how much she appreciated that i, unlike other people with whom she had spoken, did not tell her to be quiet.
10:18 am
she also added kimberly i've been told i can't talk to you about this anymore. your shining destiny hangs in the balance, they think this is going to derail your tenure. >> why do you think they responded with such hostility? >> there is a pervasive practice of silencing this problem on campuses and certainly on the harvard campus. i think we have no idea the magnitude of the problem. and even speaking out about it was considered unacceptable. >> we actually reached out to harvard and they told us they take the issue seriously and started a universitiwise task force to better prevent sexual misconduct. is that enough? >> i don't think it is. this will be one of a series of task force that they have organized at different points in time. i see it as a delaying tactic. >> if you think about it, the simple message is policies and procedures work and we want to
10:19 am
combat fire, we set up policies and procedures and do fire drills and everything is set up to take care of that problem. why not sexual assault? >> white house released a report for guidelines for the type of drills and procedures if this happens for colleges to use across the country. do you think that's a positive step? should they have gone further? >> i see that as a very positive step and indeed vice president biden made powerful comments about supporting victims and also helping them find a place where they can have consolation and also have assistance. i think we need to look at the first responder issue. i understand you think of men in helmets and uniforms when it comes to campus sexual assault i guess first responders look like me untenured senior faculty and they come to speak to us about wonderful things in their lives and also the most painful.
10:20 am
that was my experience in my years at harvard. part of why i've come forward. every time we shut up an untenured faculty people, if they can fire me for listening to my students and standing shoulder to shoulder, imagine the fear they will strike into other entenured females and students who feel it's their fault. >> i know the young women appreciate the fight you do. we'll watch it closely. good news on the job front when a day when the president really needs it. we're going to crunch some numbers next. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can clear a table [ sneezes ] without lifting a finger, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®
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everything looking good. ♪ velocity 1,200 feet per second. [ man #2 ] you're looking great to us, eagle. ♪ 2,000 feet. ♪ still looking very good. 1,400 feet. [ male announcer ] a funny thing happens when you shoot for the moon. ahh, that's affirmative. [ male announcer ] you get there. you're a go for landing, over. [ male announcer ] the all new cadillac cts, the 2014 motor trend car of the year. we're back with largely good news on the job front. labor department is effectively dropping the mike after a report that defied all expectations.
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6.3%. that is where unemployment now stands in america. it's the smallest number we've seen in five and a half years and lowest it's gone under president obama. 288,000 jobs were added. these numbers comes two days after the dow closed at an all time high. can we keep it up? joining me to hash that out, rot insana. the white house is touting this as a victory. do you agree with that characterization. >> 288,000 jobs created well above of expectations. the unemployment rate dropping however is falling because 800 tho 800,000 people left the labor force last month. that's not great news and so the unemployment rate dropping as much as it did isn't necessarily indicative of strengthening of the labor market. but again, going back to job creation, that looked pretty good. if you look over the last three months, averaging 200,000 jobs
10:25 am
created per month. and that's definitely picking up from where we've been. >> a promising sign and you have to pose the question where are the jobs being created. administration and support, food services and construction and health care. are those the areas of growth we need to see? >> we love to see more in manufacturing and advanced manufacturing, we're seeing it in technology and also in the energy sector where this fracking revolution is providing very high paying jobs. over the last several years, over 600,000 jobs have been created in that area alone. you're making somewhere of 80 to $100,000 a year. they are not all fast food jobs as people like to complain. they are high paying high quality jobs coming through the system right now. >> the underemployment number, people who are working part-time and want to have full-time jobs, that's at 7.5 million right now. >> that's still a stick -- >> barely changed. >> that's what the feds focus on, janet yellen talked about the long-term unemployed and
10:26 am
those who can't get full-time jobs. what we haven't figured out yet whether or not this is a structuring problem and people don't have the skills to make transitions or partly because people are retiring and leaving the workforce. 10,000, 11,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, factored into the workforce numbers. the long-term unemployed improved which is a good sign but could be a function of unemployment insurance benefits running out and cutting people off from the supports that they need. it's a very difficult number these days to analyze but by and large this was a good report today. >> we'll all take heart from that. thank you, ahead, we're talking about jeb bush and the money men who say they would rather support him than chris christie. our political panel comes up next. and i quit smoking with chantix. before chantix, i tried to quit probably about five times. it was different than the other times i tried to quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix varenicline is proven to help people quit smoking.
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if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom. welcome back, a landslide buried
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a village in the northerneastern part of the country leaving 350 people dead. hundreds and potentially thousands are missing. authorities have evacuated a nearby village. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story. the drum beat for jeb bush to throw his hat in the presidential ring has gotten louder. last night on "hardball" kathleen parker told chris matthews that he is in. >> is jeb bush running? >> yes. i've been told definitively that he is running. i haven't been told that by him. so he may call me right after the show and say who do you think you are? but i got this from very reliable people and it's just -- he is definitely running. >> and it looks like big money donors are preparing for that very occurrence. a front page story in "the new york times how about republican donors who supported chris christie now plotting a transition over to bush.
10:31 am
bush has shaken the ranks of establishment republican donors and fundraisers who planned to back governor christie in 2016. some of them are signaling to mr. christie's count that should mr. bush enter the race the first loyalty would be to him, not to mr. christie. even bush's big brother, the former president, is now weighing in giving jeb his endorsement. >> i hope jeb runs. i think he would be a great president. he's checking his core and as he said publicly thinking about my family. i knows full well what a run for the presidency can do on family. after all he's seen his dad and brother run. if you need advice, give me a call. >> checking his core. wayne slater and zachary roth, reporter and someone who just returned from the lone star state join me to look at all of this. wayne, there's no place the bush
10:32 am
name looms larger than texas where you are. how much do people down there want him to run? >> they want him to run. the republicans absolutely want him to run. the bush name is very popular in this state although george w. bush has taken his lumps from tea party types and there are many tea party conservative types in texas. bush is a family, much beloved and people would like to see him run. the idea of an dynasty doesn't bother many republicans, especially the business minded folks who see the far right of the party dividing, splintering between rick perry and ted cruz and rand paul and everybody else. so lots of interest in jeb bush. >> zach, on a more national level, what do you think makes him more appealing than chris christie? >> i think it's the fact they think he's the guy who can get elected. these guys, that's their m.o., they want the republican most likely to defeat hillary or
10:33 am
whoever the nominee is. before they thought it was chris christie and now he's damaged goods so they are moving over to bush. i kind of still find it a little mind boggling that the idea of the bush brand is in their view something that's an asset rather than something that's a negative. it's like they forgot what happened between 2001 and 2009. >> it is fun anyhow quickly approval numbers shift. there's time it was political poison and now it's an asset. >> they think it's an asset. george w. bush's numbers have gone up as every ex-president's do. i don't think it's a lot for the hillary campaign to remind voters to tie jeb bush to stuff they didn't like, the war in iraq, the economic downturn and so on. >> it's amazing paintings. here are some numbers, jeb bush polled at 21% positive. that's below rand paul and even the tea party movement itself which had 22%. and also a recent texas tribune
10:34 am
poll had jeb in fifth place after rick perry and rand paul and paul ryan. are some of those fringe elements going to be his big achilles' heel? >> it's going to be a problem. zach is right. the problem for jeb bush is not the general election, especially if it's bush versus clinton. his real -- and being attached to his brother which will be something he has to deal with. the real problem is getting out of the republican primary when you have all of these folks. the bush people, people around him, people somewhat close to him who are talking to me say that they believe there's an excellent chance in places like ohio and south carolina and northern florida and elsewhere that the right side of the party, the tea party people on the republican side who would say anybody but jeb are going to divide among themselves will not coalesce around a single candidate and end up nominating somebody just like jeb bush.
10:35 am
they think he has a much better chance. >> once we get past the prit marys he would maybe prove to be a big advantage. i want to ask about the reporting ufl done in texas. you have a piece going up on >> since last year battlegrounds texas has been working to register and mobilize texas voters but the long term goal of turning state blue. at the recent training academy at the mexican border it taught a group of middle east mostly h volunteers. >> from latinos and folks from the valley that gives you this opportunity to become more and become activists and do something for your community. >> zach, i was down there recently on the boardener brownsville and saw how significant this operation is and what they are up against. what are the biggest obstacles that movement faces? >> the big obstacles as i write about in my piece, efforts by republican to make it not only
10:36 am
harder to vote which we know about texas's strict voter i.d. law but harder to register people to vote. more quietly in the last few years they passed restrictions on registering where you can't register somebody outside of your county and have stob approved by the county to register people. people out of state can't register. all of these restrictions that make texas what experts call the hardest place in the country to register voters and that's a huge part of access to the vote. >> when i was down there in texas i interviewed running for lieutenant governor and she talked about those obstacles. >> it's an important race nationally. what makes democrats feel right now that texas is winnable after decades of republican rule. >> texas winnable because of decades of republican rule. in south texas, since there's no money for maintenance, they are talking about turning good roads into gravel. when we fail to secure water projects for the future, water
10:37 am
is jobs. that's why. and when you have a governor that says no, no to health care for more than 6 million people, it affected them. >> wayne, where do you put the likelihood of texas turning blue any time soon? >> well, it depends on what you mean by any time soon. this year it would be very, very difficult. but this whole effort and zach is really on to something here, these training academies and this canvassing effort. there's a lot going on behind the scenes that will play out in 2014, 2016 to see if texas is competitive in the primary and beyond in which the democrats are trying to remake the ele electora electorate, have more of your guys show up than would normally show up and persuade voters. the effort especially in the wendy davis campaign with la tis ya as a secret weapon to appeal to young latinas who could be a significant voting bloc to the
10:38 am
extent that you build those voting bases, even if wendy davis would lose in november and the odds are right now that she's going to have a really steep climb to win. even if she lose, the voter rolls are built and growing for the party. it's not a question of whether texas will turn blue, it's only i question of when. >> even that is a uphill battle, the latina voting bloc sat it out in last cycle. read more on right now. the world is ready for the world cup but is brazil ready for the world? we'll look at the struggle with violence up ahead. this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity
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and that's epic, bro, we've forgotten just how good good is. good is setting a personal best before going for a world record. good is swinging to get on base before swinging for a home run. [ crowd cheering ] good is choosing not to overshoot the moon, but to land right on it and do some experiments. ♪ so start your day off good with a coffee that's good cup after cup. maxwell house. ♪ good to the last drop we're following breaking
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news in new york. a subway derailed injurying 19 people, four are seriously hurt. 1,000 people were on the train at the time. express subway lines will be closed as the city investigates exactly what happened. this week a top ioc official called brazil's preparations the worst he has ever experienced and said they are really not ready in many, many ways. there are only 41 days until the start of the world cup tournament in brazil and two years to go before this host the summer olympic games. facing shortages on everything from electricity to water just as 600,000 soccer crazed fans are getting ready to arrive for the world cup. the social unrest has been rising in brazil which many see as a surprise given how much brazil ons love the sport.
10:43 am
a startup company recently traveleded to brazil and wanted to find out why there is so much discontent in the nation just as it takes center stage in the global sports highlight. some of the images you're about to see could disturb you. >> reporter: for 100 years soccer has been the defining symbol of brazil, the soul of the people, a religion and tool used by politicians to unify this chaotic nation. but as brazil prepares to host the world cup, it is the dark side of the beautiful game that is dividing the country.
10:44 am
>> translator: in holy wars they kill in the name of god. here they kill in the name of soccer. >> translator: the world cup's budget so far is $3.5 billion. in 93% of this money is taxpayer money. power and money hunger are above the interest of the citizens. ♪ >> translator: the world cup really came to inflate the ticket prices. all of the stadiums are being renovated for fifa but the tickets are too expensive. you see stadiums that get emptier and emptier. >> reporter: millions are angry because the average price of tickets to regular game has tripled from $20 to $70. that may not seem so bad but imagine taking vodka from the russians or baseball from
10:45 am
americans. >> reporter: brazil isn't different than the rest of the world. politicians want to gain more power each day. so they invest in soccer. >> reporter: social media and deep web forum are angry about the skyrocketing ticket prices to the lack of funding for basic health care and rising cost of a ride on the bus. >> translator: the sort of crimes they are proposing, if you sharon facebook a protest, even if you do actively participate in and during this protest violence occurs, you might be taken in. ♪ >> reporter: analyzing social media, the increased government surveillance of the internet has
10:46 am
only increased the anger, on and offline. >> translator: the brazilian population lost its fear. even with this whole effort to criminalize the streets and movements, people are not going to refrain from going to the streets to raise their issues. >> translator: unfortunately soccer is a reflection of our country. brazil today is the country of impunity, violence and corruption. >> the world cup begins june 12th and as for the olympics, rio 2016 is defending the city's preparedness to host the games insisting it will meet all timelines and budgets for the big event. we'll see. now to another crisis boiling over, this one in nigeria, the number of kidnapped school girls missing in the country has risen to 276, far higher than previous
10:47 am
estimates. this week protesters have been demanding more government action as nigerian police update the number of escaped girls to 53. the terror network kidnapped more than 300 teen girls two weeks ago and reports say some have been forced into slavery or marriage for as little as $12. nigeria continues to be one of the top stories you mention most, we have a surprise winner in this week's poll for the most underreported story, school resegregation with 19% and those kidnappings in nigeria and atheism, got 56% of the vote. your humble d.j. has heard the request, stay tuned for more on the rise of atheism next week. our call to action, this time we're looking at the special aspect of beauty
10:48 am
standards. i speak with mel wimer a candidate for city council in new york who happens to be transgender. the fact is i do respect the press and recognize that the press and i have different jobs to do. my job is to be president. your job is to keep me humble. frankly, i think i'm doing my job better.
10:49 am
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>> this week a maryland conservative group is fighting to overturn new protections that state passed to protect transgender individuals. a law "prohibiting discriminate nation based on gender identity with regard to public accommodations, housing, employment, and by specified licensed or regulated persons." opponents have labelled it the bathroom bill planned on the myth of sexual predators exploiting equal access laws to sneak into women's rest rooms. a republican member of maryland's house of delegates leading this effort, and he says the group fleedz to get a teelgts of 55,736 validated signatures by june 30th to force it on the november ballot. the law is scheduled to take effect october 1st, but it could be delayed if the group succeeds. it brings us to the question,
10:52 am
how do we insure that society is more inclusive of the transgender community? let's ask mel weimer, a community leader and activist here in new york city and happens to be transgender. thank you for come. >> thank you. >> when you see lawmakers like this who are using scare tactics, who are saying equal access to public facilities puts people at danger, what do you say to that? >> i say it's a real shame. you know, gender accrue on aen continue up. it's not so cut and dried as we think of it in society, and when we protect people for their gender expression, we are protecting all people, not just some people, and you did a segment earlier on women's a -- abuse against women. that's equally part of the gender protection. we need to keep the protections in place. not just for either side of the continuum but for the entire human race. >> as the administration works to protect some of the women who are suffering from abuse on campus, they also made an announcement this week about transgendered individuals. the department of education announced recently that transgender and gender nonconforming students are
10:53 am
protected under title 9. do you think that helps, and do you think it's enough? >> every step forward helps, absolutely. you know, one of the biggest things we need to do is protect the children, and really create school environments where all kids feel included and feel like they belong because only then can they grow up to be healthy individuals, self-express and authentic in their own lives, and if you don't do that, we create discord among -- within themselves and also in society as a whole. >> one international approach to this problem in insuring some of the goals is that india actually recently recognized a third gender for transgender individuals. is that a positive or a negative? >> i think it's a positive, although, again, i would say gender is a continuum, and we need to look at this bianary model that we have that you are in the one box male or other box female and start to look more broadly about gender being more fluid and we can use those categories as a way to match each other up so to speak, but outside of that for legal
10:54 am
purposes, for quality of life purposes, we should be looking at gender on a broader scale. >> let's talk about the way the media talks about transgendered individuals. obviously, there's a big flurry of press when katie couric interviewed laverne cox and asked probing questions about her genitalia. is that appropriate? >> i don't think so. >> when you do that, you are singling people out in a certain way that makes them less belonging and less able to belong to society. so i -- you know, i want to do both. i acknowledge that's a weertd question to ask someone, and also, that i'm open as an educator to answer that. >> do you think that comes from a place of prejudice or just
10:55 am
curiosity and sort of ignorance? >> i think it's both, and i think right now gender is becoming a very big issue on the national and international stable. we're going to see a tsunami about gender and new laws coming out around gender, and there are going to have to be some open conversations. >> when having the conversation, it seems like the message is simple. treat them like you would treat anybody else. >> treat everyone like you would treat everyone else. >> thank you. in our call to action we focused on definitions of beauty, and we asked you to tell us why you're beautiful. melissa writes to us that, "deep-rooted, enduring friendship, keep each other feeling beautiful." with this nice picture. malia said "she is fighting hard to recover from an eating disorder, and strength is beautiful." strength is beautiful. thank you. thanks to all of you for weighing in all weeklong. that wraps things up for today's edition of rfd. thank you for joining me, and have a great weekend. now it is time for the reid report with my colleague joy reid. joy, what makes you beautiful? >> you know, that's a really good question. i would say what makes me beautiful is happiness, and also
10:56 am
the people that i love, having them around me. >> i love that happiness and tossing to you and beginning your show. looking forward to watching. >> thank you, sir. happy friday. you have a great weekend. coming up next on the reid report, the jobs numbers are in, and spoiler alert, they're really good. we'll tell you how the economy is growing despite some of what republicans are doing. speaking of the gop, besides just spending time and money trying to beat democrats, republicans are making a big new push to knock off the tea party. civil war, everybody. the reid report starts minutes from now. [male announcer] ortho crime files.
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11:00 am
its actions. ukrainian forces move to restore order in eastern ukraine, it is obvious to the world that these russian-backed groups are not peace. protesters. they are heavily armed militants who are receiving significant support from russia. >> we'll discuss whether the two leaders with forge a united front in the face of russian aggression and auto renewed violence in ukraine. later, we'll dive into today's headline grabbing jobs report and why good news sounds so much like bad news for the gop. and melissa harris perry, msnbc's own, will be right here with us to discuss the plight of some 200 kidnapped school girls in nigeria. there were protests in new york today near the u.n., and we'll have more on that and what, if anything, the u.s. is doing to help. but we start with that joint news conference in front of the white house rose garden where president obama began with the jobs numbers and a few words on a devastating landslide and in afghanistan. both he